Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some miles later

So after what I thought was in impressive year of riding turned out to not be so impressive by seeing the numbers on the mtbr boards....... I rode 117 times from March 2010 to December 23rd. I put on according to my gps phone 1254 miles. I rode almost as much as I possibly could last year, I can't imagine that most these people don't have jobs or ride too much on the road. None the less I had an incredible year, I started this summer doing dawn rides where I would start just about dark and ride into the sun rise, they are incredibly good rides and seemingly a bit spiritual in a way. But they do have a creep factor certainly, like some strange mythical creature is about to appear and swallow me whole. I escaped multiple lightening storms, I finally rode infamous millers and put up a good show, I rode the high alpines of Utah and loved every second of it. I broke very little things this year, I think it was only a crank set, 1 deraileur, a headset and the rest was routine maintenance. I enjoyed even more being able to spend alot of that time with my best buddy Bentley, he still doesn't really show his enthusiasm for being at my side but I know he doesn't dislike it. I am always sure to let him know how great of a time I am having with him though. No injuries this year, major anyway, but some good spills for sure. So long 2010!!!!!!!!!!

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