Friday, January 6, 2012

Tearing it up

Yet another adventurous day spent in the beautiful country of Chile. We slowly made our way out of the cabin and into the truck by 1:00 and off to Paque Nacional Huerquehue by 2:00. The Trek started off as a mild walk through a trail that bordered the lake. Then it quickly got ugly and didn't stop. I have been getting worked just about every day with our adventures and this one was just as difficult as the others. It was very very hot today and we all quickly over heated and dipped our heads in any water we could find which only gave quick comfort. The trek was steep, with nothing but steep uphill, I have never been on any trail that was steep for so long. None the less me and LuAnn made our way uphill very quick but I was not too enthused to be climbing so steep. Seriously she was killing it, putting me to shame,she was up front the entire time. After a few hours a victory was in sight in the canopy as it opened up to blue and I prayed it was going to be our destination. It was luckily but this first lake was not very great since it had a crappy shore. So we were taking a wild guess and went with Lago Torro, which I knew mean's bull with had to be cool. Soon we found a shoreline lined by Araucaria araucana (popularly called the Monkey-puzzle Tree or Monkey Tail Tree. These things were very very cool. They we very tall and had almost hats on top. The Lake felt like a high alpine lake wether it was or not I do not know. We all went for a swim with the water a little chilly but refreshing none the less. It was extremely tranquil and beautiful as usual. I was thinking about the trek down and was not looking forward to it. After less than an hour we made our way down which was annoying and painful in the thighs but we charged it none the less. Eventually we met the car and was extremely pleased. I was dead tired as we drove back to Pucon but amazed at yet another fun filled incredible day. Tomorrow night we leave on another red eye bus and while I like it here I do love my home and look forward to getting the two of us there soon. Tonight we will eat Carne "beef" looking mighty forward to it. Not quite sure what tomorrow will bring. The camera died half way up so I borrowed some camera shots.

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