Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Good Rip

So I have been waiting for the chance to ride since last Thursday and luckily it was the second ride of this month and it came together. I was hesitant of what conditions might be but I knew if it was bad I can always stick to the fire roads. I got off work pretty early and arrived to the trail head over an hour before my riding partners did so I loaded up and began to pedal. Some new renovations have been done to the bridge and the parking lot as well which was kind of nice. I began to pedal things were looking good, the ground was lightly soft in a few places but no damage was done and the trails were good to go! This made me pretty happy as I pedaled my single speed up trail slowly and awkwardly since it had been some time since I was on it last. I love my rigid SS 29er I really do, but downs just aren't great when it's extremely rocky, I get pretty sick of it when I am not consistently riding rigid. But it is so nice just having one gear to do the work all the time I love that about this bike! I arrived tot he summit to catch the sun going down and sat down to enjoy it. It was really nice to be in daylight and I was surprised how much of it we are starting to gain slowly. I set off further into the woods seeing how I had quite a bit of light left and some time so I continued. Eventually leading me back to lookout again and then down the hill I went. Showing up to the cars we gathered ourselves and I set off with the group and put on some more miles. It was a very good ride and with good fun and good company. Towards the end I was struggling with energy, not having eaten since 2pm and now being almost 9:00 it sucked the last hour. Not a bad night, put in some 4 hours of mellow moving fun!

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